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There is nothing more troublesome than having to print some documents on urgently and find that your printer is not being recognized by your computer. Known for providing the best printers in the present day market which is why we will be discussing here troubleshooting non-connectivity between computers and HP printers. One of the first thing that you can do is go online and reach out to the official website for a theoretical solution. If that doesn’t work, here are a few simple steps that can be taken on how to connect to HP Printer Not Connecting to Computer situation.

Steps on How to connect to HP Printer

  • The first thing that you can do is restart your browser, printer, and computer. It will resolve any and all kind of errors that might be hampering the connectivity between the printer and the computer. To start with, disconnect the router power cord and turn off the printer. Now close all running programs over the computer, along with the HP software installation tab and shut down the system. Reconnect the router power cord and wait until internet activity light shows normal connected status. Turn on printer and computer, try installing the HP software and driver again.
  • You can also track the printer and network connection status. There are two things that you will need to check to confirm that printer is all set for network setup – a wireless network connection and wired network connection. Just open the wireless network and go to settings menu to ensure that wireless signals are on. For wired network connection, look at the cable and check that it is connected with the printer Ethernet port and similar port on the router. If it is showing a green link light it means the things are steady.

  • You will also need to ensure that the printer is not connected to some host or guest network like the ones that are found in home networks, school network and hotel networks. If you are using a dual band router, just look into it that it is set on 2.4 GHz band. If the router is working at 5 GHz band, the printer won’t be able to connect to the network. For those, who are using virtual private networks, disconnect your computer while installing the printer setup.
  • You can also try connecting the printer with your network manually. It is also one of the valid ways in which your HP installer will be able to locate the printer. You need to use the wireless setup wizard if you have a text-based horror touch-based control panel. In special cases, you can also try the Wi-Fi protected setup. Once you are connected, try to install the HP driver with the software again.
  • HP offers of a free tool known as HP Print and Scan Doctor that can check out and resolve printing and scanning issue. You can download that from HPS official site.

  • If this doesn’t work, you can also try to disable the firewall software temporarily. Sometimes your Firewall software interferes with connections to other networks including network printers. You can always use the print and scan doctor by HP to identify and disable the firewall software temporarily on your computer.