If you are facing an office setup error then you should read the error below. The article will help you solve the error with ease. The users get this error when the long set up process is about to be completed. The exact cause cannot be known by users at once but the users have reported this issue as they reinstall Microsoft office. Below are certain ways through which you can troubleshoot this error. These steps are to be executed in a sequential manner-

1. Uninstall the program and remove its traces- As the issue is along leftover traces of previous MS program installed it is advised that the existing office version is uninstalled. For complete uninstall procedure it is required that you download the fix and run it for uninstalling office. Post this you need to perform the below steps

a) In Windows search bar type Task Scheduler and hit enter to open the same

b) Go to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Office.

c) Select office folder in left-pane and select delete folder located in right-pane

d) Performing rebooting of machine

e) Once done try and install Microsoft office.

2. Rename the Microsoft help folder- If the above steps did not work for you then you should perform the below steps

a) Click Win+R for opening the run window

b) Type command %programdata%.

c) In the folder which opens right click for renaming Microsoft Help folder to Microsoft Help.old

d) Perform the system Reboot.

3. Use Registry method- In this method the traces of the previous version of MS office are removed from the windows registry. Below are the steps

a) Click Win+R for opening Run window and typing command regedit. Once done enter is to be pressed. This opens the registry editor.

b) Navigation to the following registry key is to be made-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Office

c) Right click on the official registry key and select delete. This would remove the leftover traces of MS office on the system.

d) As the prompt for confirmation appears, delete the entity by selecting yes.

Apart from the above steps, you can check Wifi. Sometimes it is the internet connection that plays the culprit. You should, therefore, check to see if Windows 10 Wi-Fi not working problem exists or not. If you find the reason behind to be Wi-Fi not working then you should solve the same ASAP.

So above are the steps that will allow you to setup windows 10. So follow these and allow for best installation. Do not forget to check Wi-Fi connected but not working solution too.

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