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Internet Not Working “Pop ups issues” – Internet connection problem

My internet connection is not working on computer, But its working from the Internet service providers ends?

“Possible reason could be Pop ups or virus impact on the computer. Its recommended to take help from experts” or you can follow few basic steps.

If your high speed internet service is not working:

Step 1: Ensure that your modem and/or router is powered on. Check if the power connection is properly setup with you router/modem.

Step 2: Try to bypass the router and connect the LAN/Ethernet cable directly between your modem and the computer. See if the internet is working on computer. If not than contact your internet service provider.

Step 3: If you get your internet working after bypassing the router than there is no internet connection problem from the ISP end.

Step 4: Now try to build the connection as it was before. LAN/Ethernet cable should be connected back to router which you have disconnected earlier. Also try to arrange other Ethernet/LAN cable if you were using Wi-Fi connection on Laptop/Computer.

Step 5: Now try to connect the Ethernet/LAN cable to your Laptop/Computer from router ethernet port. Keeping all other connection as it was during the STEP 1.

Step 6: Reboot your cable modem or your phone modem/Router. This step usually is necessary to reestablish a connection after a recent problem. Also reboot the computer.

Step 7: Check if the Internet working fine while connected through the LAN/Ethernet cable. If, yes than there must be problem with wireless setting.

Step 8: Check if you are using correct wireless passkey. Also check under device manager if Wireless drivers our correctly installed.

Step 9: If you still have any further question contact your local technician or we recommend you talk to experts @

(1-877-200-2158) to get configuration issue with your wifi setting on your computer or router resolved.

Note: While removing any cable from any of the device computer/router/modem etc. ensure you have turned off the power to these devices. “Safety Saves”
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