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Icon Missing on Window

Our focus is on helping our customers avoid the hassle caused by viruses, Microsoft Window issues and lack of issue prevention software. With our background in enterprise Microsoft help & support, we have since transitioned into providing expert technical support to individual businesses and consumers directly. By providing unlimited annual technical support, Our support has been helping customers for years to feel confident that their computer is in good hands.

The services provided by our certified tech. On call we are the answer to all the Microsoft issues that you have been facing like icon problem, Desktop Icon missing. Recover deleted icon missing etc..Our Technical support department performs comprehensive service and repair procedures on your laptop to make it work better. Here with Technical you will get window xp fix,window vista fix, window 7 fix, window 8 fix etc. . You can contact on our window phone support for  Laptop and Desktop solution.

Window support includes

  •     Errors and problems while using Microsoft products are diagnosed
  •     Microsoft internet explorer  technical support
  •     Window 8 configuration and setup.
  •     Backups of valuable data are taken after re installation of Microsoft
  •     Online help for window operating system problems
  •     Software to WIndow daily productivity is recommended

Support & Help for below Microsoft Windows operating

  •     Support & Help for Microsoft Windows XP
  •     Support & Help for  Microsoft Windows Vista
  •     Support & Help for Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1
  •     Support & Help for Microsoft Windows 7

Why Microsoft Window Help by us

Our live window  technical experts are, specialized in providing support for Window xp, 7, vista, 8. They can identify the problem and provide an effective solution for Microsoft window. Our technicians are certified in fixing software and hardware problems which may occur with Laptop ,Desktop and Printer. We have fixed millions of Window Registry problem, icon not working, Window icon error, icon freezing, Window no boot ,Window icon issue. Our live technical phone support is available all for you to provide resolution for Window problem. With the help of online remote support, who are also available on chat and also over the phone on our call Toll Free – 1-877-200-2158.Our online support limited to Canada to United state.