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Google Chrome happens to be one of the most widely used browsers on this planet, however, that don’t mean that it is flawless of perfect. Despite receiving more than 50 to 60 updates in last few years, the Google browser keep functioning through several rough edges as well as some idiosyncrasies which make it a little less than optimal online experience. There are a number of articles that might help you get through loopholes of this browser in most exotic ways. But this is not the one.
Here, we will be discussing about one common problem which is quite annoying – there are a number of users who complain that they keep getting help pop ups every single time the open up the Google Chrome browser window. If you are also the one who is facing the same problem, here are a few things that you can do to rectify this situation.

Every single time when unfamiliar pages open up whenever you start of Chrome,
you might want to check out the Chrome menu and then move on to settings and click on the option “On Startup” that is located right next to the radio button meant for opening up specific page or a few pages. Then, you need to click on set pages and get rid of any undesired URLs by going over the URL again and again till you get an “X” over the right side of that URL.

In case, all the searches that you perform inside the omnibox are coming back with results with a completely different search engine in spite of the preferred search engine, you may want to check on to Chrome Menu and then go to Settings. Now click on Search and then onto Manage Search Engines. You may also want to check out the list of default search engines, search engines added by extensions and other search engines and get rid of all suspicious entries that you find hard to trust. Sometimes, you might not be able to see the last section of search engines as added by the extension.
This may the kind of extension that has been added. If you wish to remove any unfamiliar search engine, ensure that you select your preferred search engine and then get rid of unfamiliar options.

If any kind of unknown page opens up whenever you click over the home button, then you need to go to the Chrome Menu > Settings > Extensions. If you see any unfamiliar extension that you do not remember installing or adding, you should try to remove these extensions since this might be causing all these unwanted annoying changes.

There are a few users who also speak of “New Tool for Chrome”. For disabling, you may want to uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox located right next to the given extension. For removing it completely, you may need to hover on the extension did you see the trash icon and then click over the icon. You are done for good.