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Nowadays, it is tough to imagine one’s life without technology. With the emergence of technology, our needs and lifestyle keep on changing. We all have become tech-savvy and need technology to perform every task in life.

In the world of machinery and technology, people are now in a relaxing mode. Nowadays, Google’s voice-activated Google Home Speaker has come as a boon. It does not only add comfort to your life but also make things simple just by speaking. Things might sound easy. But, before you start you have to consider a lot of factors.

Before you start using your voice-activated Google Home speaker, it tends to get necessary to learn How to set up Google Home. Even if you have the entire techniques available, setting up Google Home can be a daunting task. If the task seems tough, you might not be alone.

There are things that you should keep in mind. This way you will get some relief. Fortunately, setting up a Google Home speaker is no longer tricky. You need to follow a few simple tricks and tips.

Read on to learn how to make this tricky task as simple as ABC.

How To Set Up Google Home: Required Steps

  1. Plug in your Google Home
  2. Download Google Home app from Google Play and open the App
  3. Sign in your Google Account
  4. Deny email notification permission
  5. Tap on the upper right-hand corner icon
  6. Link music service
  7. Add your electronics
  8. Add chromecast to control your TV

1- Plug in your Google Home

Google Home plugs on the wall, and after a few minutes, it will light up and start looking for the phone. There is no off/on button. Until when it is plugged in, it remains on, therefore stay nearby to this device along with your phone.

2- Download Google Home App from Google Play and Open the App

Download the app from the App store and accept the terms and condition of the service and agree to turn on the location access permission. Indeed, Google is spying on you, and by having Google Home, you are allowing it to do so.
Let it know where you are? Further, make sure you are connected to your residence Wi-Fi network as through this way your phone will pass this information to the Google home.

3- Sign in your Google Account

All you need a Google Account to use Google Home Speakers, preferably with address. However, if you don’t have one, then it is time to open a browser on your system and go to and set up an account.

4- Deny Email Notification Permission

If you don’t want spam, then you have to deny this permission for twice.

5- Tap on the upper Right-hand Corner Icon

Tap on the sign in button and set your present location in the Google Home Hardware. Speakers need this information to give you commute and local weather times.

6- Link Music Service

Google Home speakers support four music services: YouTube, Google Play music, Pandora and Spotify. However, to get most out of it, you may need a premium account. Those will let you request specific albums and songs. With the free music services, you will be able to listen to only limited themed artistic mixes and themed stations. Google Home can’t access your local music or purchased libraries.

7- Add Your Electronics

Google Home is compatible with Nest thermostats, Philips Hue light bulbs, chromecasts, and Samsung smart things. So tap on the home control to add a new device in your list. For adding or controlling these devices, it is essential to be on the same Wi-Fi Network.

8- Add Chromecast to Control Your TV

Google Home needs either chromecast compatible TV or chromecast device to control your TV unit. Plug in chromecast into your device and switch to the appropriate input. When you have carried out this process then your chromecast will tell you to turn on your TV, then you have to switch to the Google home app to tap the device icon present on the upper right-hand corner of your screen to set up chromecast.
You have to add the device on the same Google account used by the Google Home. Then after if you instruct your little device to control various video, music and photo services like ”OK Google,” Play new year songs via Google play music or Spotify or “OK Google” play BirdBox Via Netflix, then it will function in your desired manner.

Time to command your little friend by touch or voice

Are you curious to use Google Home? Then look in Google home app, tap on menu present on the upper left side of the main page and choose what you can do with Google home? For some reference.

To reduce or increase the volume make a dialing motion present on the top surface of the Google Home. Or you can instruct Google Home by” OK Google” reduce to the volume to the number 5.

Happy chatting with your voice assistant.