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If you buy an Alexa with Amazon Echo smart speaker, you are a proud owner of one of the best voice assistants in the market today. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you may have your doubts and concerns. What does Alexa do? How does it work? When you get answers to these questions, you easily get tempted to buy one. How to set up Alexa? This is another question that many people are seeking an answer. It is not an easy task for setting up your Alexa speaker for smart home control, shopping or music. For many people, it is a very complex process. That is exactly where the importance of best Alexa user guide comes in.

Alexa offers a pleasant surprise for buyers

Alexa premise can be described as a simple one. This digital assistant allows you to ask questions and you can also give commands to control the devices in your home. Alexa makes efforts to provide the information you require accurately. It also communicates with your home devices to perform tasks according to your commands. When it was first introduced, there were several questions asked by a lot of people. However, the fast-rising popularity motivated many people to buy one. It was a pleasant surprise for them because the experience was something unprecedented.

Tasks that can be performed using Alexa

What can be done with your Alexa speaker? You can perform a wide variety of tasks with this digital assistant. The first thing is that you need to know is how to set up Alexa. Several sources including remote IT support services teach you how to operate this digital assistant. You can play radio stations using this device and music can be streamed from Spotify and many other music services. Another task that can be performed is setting alarms and timers. If you want to receive tailored news reports, you can make use of this assistant. Several people ask web-based questions to find the best answers. It is also extremely beneficial to control smart home devices with the help of your voice. Single commands can be used to make the devices work together.

Other important tasks that can be done using Alexa are creating fart noises, playing ambient sounds or soothing music with automatic toggle off features, making calls to contacts’ cellphones, playing games and establishing a connection between echo speakers in home and many more. If you want to keep in touch with your family members at home, you can use Alexa. The Calling and Drop-In feature allow you to stay in touch with other members of your family. In other words, Alexa can even be utilized as an intercom from home to home. Another feature known as Amazon Echo Show and Spot comes with displays, and it displays security cameras to help you check people at the door. A recent announcement from Amazon is that Alexa comes with a cooking functionality feature. It allows you to give basic guidelines for complaint appliances using Alexa in terms of quantity and timing.

How to set up Alexa?                                                                                                                                              

Alexa can be described as a highly useful virtual assistant built into Amazon Echo. If you can add more skills, the advantages become manifold. To start using Alex, you have to connect it to your Echo’s power supply. Once it is done, the Amazon Alexa app must be installed on your smartphone. The Devices icon should be tapped before tapping the + symbol. Then you have to follow the onscreen guidelines for establishing a connection between the Echo and the Wi-Fi network. The final step is to enter the password. Your Alexa becomes functional, and you can start using it for a wide variety of tasks including listening to radio stations, setting timers, controlling smart home appliances and many more. This digital assistant is a highly versatile optio, and it is capable of searching the web to provide the latest news on any topic and weather reports as well. New and innovative features are being added consistently with delivering more and more benefits to users.

You can come across two types of Alexa devices available on the market nowadays. The first version works with Alexa and the second type is the one with Alexa built in. The second model can be controlled with the help of your voice. You need to be aware of this important aspect, and the model with Alex built in has become immensely popular among a large number of people all around the world. The device that hosts Alexa natively is an innovative product with excellent features, and the company focuses on adding many more novel features to catch the attention of people. If you purchase Alexa, you can learn how to set up Alex using free online guides offered by reliable abstractedly managed software repair services.