Having Problems in Installing Linksys Wireless Router
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Have you got a Linksys wireless router and struggling hard to set up the same? Well, you have to do everything correctly, so that there are no goof ups whatsoever. Moreover, there must be no mistakes whatsoever in setting up the router because the personal data might be affected. Also, it takes hardly some minutes to perfectly set up the same.

Many a times, workplaces have different PCs which need to be connected to each other. Networked PCs are always good, especially when it comes to sharing files and documents. Perfect configuration is essential and for that you need to be acquainted with all the steps.

1. The Ethernet cable needs to be connected to a port WAN or Internet. You shall find the same on the router’s back side. One end needs to be attached here while the other needs to be attached to the modem.

2. Then use other Ethernet cables for connecting the port and the computer. Yes, connect port number 1,2 and 3, 4. The Ethernet can be removed later on after the setup has been done completely.

3. The router and the outlet need to be connected well with a power adapter. After the initialization of the router is done, then the panel’s LED lights will appear green in color.

4. After this, a web browser should be launched (Any) and in the address bar you need to type in the address Then press the option of “Enter”.

5. There will be a popup which will ask login details to you. User name and password needs to be entered. After that, press OK. (In case you get error while logging in, check the password as it can be incorrect). Access the page again for entering the right one. Reset the settings of router if you don’t remember the password.

6. Then go to the setup tab and select the option that reads “MAC Address Clone”. Basically, MAC is a unique address as per the PC adapter. This step is essential so that the Linksys works perfectly as per your ISP. The MAC feature needs to be enabled. This way, your router will be recognized by the ISP.

7. First, “Enable” it and then, select the option “Clone my PC’s MAC”.

8. Settings must be saved
9. After this feature gets activated, you will see the status of the internet as “Active”. Don’t forget to put the internet type as Automatic Configuration – DHCP.

If you are still not sure whether your internet is working or not, check the status in the following steps.

1. Go to ‘Status’ tab
2. Check the IP address. If there are numbers then the setup is wrong. If it shows, then you need to release IP address and Renew IP address buttons

This way you can easily access the internet. Hope the steps were pretty easy. You can do them in very little time and if followed properly, you can access the internet smoothly.