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RealPlayer, the current version of cross-platform media player has had a long history. Introduced in 1995 as RealAudio Player, the platform evolved with the audio and video industry. The RealPlayer media player plugin is perfect partner to equip Google Chrome with a playback streaming to play plethora of audio and video file formats like MP3, MP4, Windows Media format, and QuickTime File Format.

Wait there is more!

The RealPlayer web plugin can help you download any streaming media to your computer that can then be viewed offline too. RealPlayer comes pre-installed with Google Chrome but in case your version of Chrome does not have it, you may not be able to play all audio and video formats as Google Chrome natively is not capable of doing that.

All has been taken care of!

You just need to download the plug-in and enable it in the Google Chrome. No technical expertise required just follow the guide here step by step and sit back to enjoy the streaming and downloads.

How to Get Real Player to Work With Google Chrome?

Step 1:

Launch the Google Chrome on your computer and browse the link the below link to download the Realplayer web plugin

Click “Download RealPlayer for Free”.

The EXE will be downloaded in 2-3 seconds. Wait for the download to complete till you see this screen. You can see exe download status at the bottom right corner.

the “RealPlayer Free Download” button in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser window.

Step 3
Open the downloaded exe file, run the file and follow the installation wizard.

Step 4
Make sure the Chrome browser is closed while you are installing the RealPlayer Plugin.

Step 5
Once the download is complete launch the Google Chrome again and browse chrome://Plugin.

You can see the list of Plugins that are available on your Chrome. Browse through the list and find RealPlayer. “Enable” the hyperlink in the RealPlayer Plugin to get started.

Bonus Tip
Run a check whether your RealPlayer is now working on the Chrome. Launch Chrome and go to Youtube. Open a video and you will see a small cloud box somewhere near the address bar.

Click on the cloud to download the video

Your Chrome is all set to allow you stream and download videos from any streaming site.

Some of its biggest advantages that RealPlayer comes with are:

  • Download and play videos offline
  • Add privacy to you videos with a PIN
  • Watch the downloaded videos on any device

Effectively RealPlayer offers the user everything that a full featured audio video downloader can do. With a onetime installation procedure, you are all set to enjoy offline videos in most of the file formats on computer as well as mobile phones. With the latest version of RealPlayer the things have become even faster and its cross-browser compatibility takes its powerful features to multiple browsers like firefox, safari and chrome.

So next time you are about to fly, make sure you install the RealPlayer extension and download unlimited video files to keep your self-entertained even in flight-mode.