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Microsoft Windows has been the most preferred and most popular operating systems used in personal computers across the world. This operating system is preferred for its ease of understanding of features and complete range of applications that are useful for various business applications such as error-free write-ups; presentations, accounting reports and effective communication as well.

What is Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail is the updated version of free e-mail application from Microsoft Windows. The users can get additional features with this free e-mail package that makes this package much better the previous versions.

Most of the users might have multiple e-mail accounts in use for various purposes. This provision is usually made to keep the personal and professional matters separated. Windows Live Mail Enables the users to keep all the e-mail accounts at one place for easy access.

Setting up e-mail account in Windows Live Mail:
The users need to follow some steps to set up e-mail accounts in Windows Live Mail manually. Here are brief descriptions of the steps for the initial setup:

  • The aspirant users need to open Windows Live Mail after which they need to ‘Add e-mail account’ to open the subsequent option.

  • In the next dialogue box; the users need to enter the e-mail address they wish to add; the password and their desired display name. They can ask to remember the password they type in if they don’t want to type it every time they open the e-mail account for checking the mails and sending the mails as well.

  • The next step is to selecting the incoming mail server from the options shown through the drop down box. The users are supposed to select ‘POP 3’ out of the available options as the package supports the particular server selected.

  • The users need to enter pop.1and1. in the box which talks about incoming server address.

  • The incoming server port has to be filled with 995 for establishing SSL connection.
  • From the menu the one needs to check the option clear text authentication.
  • If the 1and1 e-mail id is different from the e-mail address the full 1and1 e-mail address needs to be entered in the given box.
  • For setting up the Outgoing Server the users need to type in
  • Then the outgoing server port box needs to be filled up with 587.
  • Then the box shows My outgoing server requires authentication.
  • After finishing these things the users need to select the Next button.

  • The next dialogue box appears with the message: “You have successfully entered the information required to set up your e-mail account.”
  • The users need to click on the Finish button on seeing this completion message.

Thus the set up for the e-mail account in Windows Live Mail can be completed manually.

problems with Windows Live Mail faced by some users:

Some users don’t need to enter the e-mail address and password for opening the mail account. As they click the mail icon the inbox with the mail details appears directly. However after some time the dialogue box asking the e-mail address and password appears over and over again while checking the mails.

The best remedy for such issue can be seen on The aspirant users can log on to this page and click the option for ‘more mail settings’. Under the option ‘managing your account’; the users need to click on ‘Account Details’. They need to click on the ‘Security Info’ available on the left menu bar and Turn-off the 2 step verification. This should resolve the issue arising while signing-in to Windows Live Mail.