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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy: As the customer makes an order to ET solutions LLC( for software & support plan, he/she is liable to get instant support and software at the very moment. So the customers will be liable to instant support & software from ET solutions LLC( after making an order. None of the customer is liable to get software or support before making an order.

As ET solutions LLC( provide software & support to the customer’s Computer, Mobile Phone, Net Book, I-Pad, Note Pad, Tablets, I-Pods and many other electronic gadgets, so it is not sure that the customers will be getting 100% instant installation of software or not because due to server failure or net fluctuation the connection between customer’s electronic gadgets and can lost. In this case the customer will get the software within 2 working days from ET solutions LLC( A representative will call up the customer and will help, assist and guide the customer so that they can easily download the software required, demanded & ordered by the customer, and hence the customer will be provided with the software & support from ET solutions LLC(

A customer will be liable to the software Support only for which he/she/they has/have made an order to ET solutions LLC( for a software package plan. After completing the order and doing the payment customer will get a payment notification on their screen and will also get Email for the Payment confirmation which He/She needs to e-sign. Also one copy of the e-signed document between customer & ET solutions LLC will be saved on the customer desktop.

To download the software ordered by the customer, He/She can call us up if any problem exists.

Disclaimer: Technicalnumber is a third party independent provider of phone support phone services for software and peripherals. Technicalnumber has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. For permitted use and specific warranties associated with the software, hardware, and peripherals, please contact the relevant third party. Services provided by us are also available with brand owner’s end/website. That brand owner also has a support for free.