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Contacting support number, sometimes take us no where in this world of Fake support providers over internet. Just following few basic steps would take you out of this vicious circle. First think of which contact support you want to reach at. Take an example if you are looking for Micorsoft support you need to understand the Brand name. Look product for which you need help and try to check or recall which company product is this. Let me try to give analogy about it. Its just like the Head of family. So considering issue with windows 10 you need to search for “Microsoft” Which is head of Window’s family. Just google www.”HEADofFamily name”.com as in WOW! now you are standing beside Head of family. Now look for the contact us link most probably at the top of the website(Header) or at the bottom of the website(Footer). Here your journey is about to come at end. Now you will be finding Toll free or international contact number else other options could be email address or Send Query box. Don’t you think we were not following these simple steps even knowing these simple steps to reach to required brands. Hope this statements might have helped you and even bring smile on to your face where the internet is getting populated by many bad people.

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Toll Free:         1-877-200-2158
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